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What is

Bitwork Accelerator?

We always think to help the innovated entrepreneurs to realise their idea, bridging the gap between new and old economy. Blockchain is considered as one of the key technological breakthroughs in the 21st century, and this whole new innovative distributed ledger technology is a critical form to revolutionize internet in our everyday life.

Bitwork Accelerator will optimize the resources allocation of the blockchain to resolve traditional industry problem. With the assistance of blockchain technician and project management experts, we will exploit new business opportunities and construct a new blockchain cooperation mode.

Our Mission

We accelerate the development of the project, continue to undergo a transformation, and integrate the blockchain into various areas in life or work,

creating countless new opportunities.


We believe an entire blockchain community with different skill sets, backgrounds, and cultures is needed to create the most productive and innovative

blockchain projects.


What We Do?

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Project owners without supports but only conceptual solutions to trickle scalable problems

Bitwork Accelerator provides intensive mentoring by seasoned serial entrepreneurs, tech experts and experienced industry professionals to realise the project

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With limited startup budget and resources

Bitwork Accelerator provides premium office space in the heart of Hong Kong where our team is working hard to support the projects on all matters of its business

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Project owners hard to build their own community

Bitwork Accelerator continues to expand by leveraging its strong network and educational resources, which will be a focal point in enabling cross-collaboration between other communities for accelerated projects

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Difficult to match scattered blockchain resources with the traditional business world

Bitwork as a blockchain hub to bridge the resources and work with many corporates & potential new clients with accelerated projects

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Full of challenges on fundraising and investor relations management

Bitwork Accelerator can assist the project to prepare the different form of fundraising channels


Bitwork Recruitment

Bitwork Recruitment connects highly skilled candidates with employers in temporary and permanent positions, for a variety of roles in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.


Our consultants have deep knowledge of blockchain technology and we are greatly networked within the industry. With a team of global development experts, we are uniquely positioned to source top talent for our clients and are passionate about the pivotal role we play in this ever-evolving industry.

Throughout the years, we have helped numerous projects and exchanges acquire talents in building their dream team.


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